For Metafrique Group, trading and recycling of ferrous and non ferrous scrap is magnificent obsession. And for over one and half decades, we have been honing our skills to become perfect trader and recycler.The group owes is presence in trading and recycling of ferrous and non ferrous scrap to the farsightedness of Mr. Arun Goswami. He started trading from African continent to different parts of world in late 90′s. Since then the group has grown continously committed to honesty, integrity, quality and growth and expanding to different verticals of manufacturing MS Ingots, Rebars, Plastic Granules and Lead Ingots.

We are constantly making every possible effort to upgrade our technology and improve our product quality to retain and enhance our market share. Our Company is conscious of the interest of our stakeholders i.e. shareholders, the Government, employees and of our customers.

We are also in the process of setting up a horizontal integration of Aluminum Recyling Plant in Cameroon, Africa to manufacture Aluminum Ingots and Lead Smelting Plant in Asaba, Nigeria to manufacture Pure Lead and Lead Alloy ingots.

The existing combined capacity of the group is 0.1 Million MTPA for Steel and 3250 MTPA for Lead Ingots.